Local Harvest Ontario Lamb, Veal, Pork & Poultry meats  

Local Harvest Ontario is a the group of almost 200 Family Farms in Ontario who form one of Canada’s leading farm groups of lamb, veal, pork & poultry - superior raised humane production practises and superior cattle; to bring Ontario farm raised beef to the consumers of the GTA  known as the Local Harvest Ontario meat products. 

Local Harvest Ontario Producers and Artisan Farms Direct work together to ensure food safety, humane production methods and complete traceability from our family’s farms to our farmer led Food Processor where by our Processor ensures Full Traceability to your family’s kitchen.  Our Food Processor is owned by us and we have put in place Full Traceability to ensure trace back to farm and animal of origin.

All of our products meet all Federal government regulations for food safety, ensuring certifiable, traceable, and verifiable qualities of "Ontario produced", as well as taste and quality attributes from superior genetics.

We are also delighted that our products are chosen by some of Ontario's best restaurants that are focused on serving locally sourced foods. With a commitment to a sustainable Ontario Food supply, Local Harvest Ontario works with like minded producers, for reasons of efficiencies and specifically to reduce the costs of transportation when delivery our products within the marketplace of Ontario.

Our procedures provide 100% auditable records of all our products  - supporting our claims and tracing each item back to the FAMILY FARM of Origin.

We Guarantee it.   Not just say it.

Ontario Family Farm Origin.             Certifiable Safe.              Verifiable True.

Traceable Production.
Would you trust anything else with your family’s health?   

Let our family farms provide a safe, verifiable healthy food option for your family.

Local Harvest Ontario Lamb, Veal, Pork & Poultry meats


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